Shiny is an R package that you can use to produce interactive web-applications with your R code. In their gallery you can see a lot of examples about how to use shiny.

Oe the website you can publish your shiny app so that everyone can us it. Here we show an example Shiny-App to demonstrate what can be done with the shiny package.

It is thought do demonstrate:

  • how to integrate external data in your app
  • how to select stations on a map
  • how to select variables to be plotted
  • how to plot variables in a way that you can zoom and scroll the timeline
  • how to download the selected data in the formats .csv and .xlsx (Excel)
  • how to provide a downloadable report of the selected data including data tables, graphics of the variables and some summary statistics.

It facilitates the following technologies:

The app uses climate data provided by the German Weather Service (DWD) which can be downloaded from their ftp server

The weather stations shown on the map are taken from this file. Please note that not all stations listed in this file actually have downloadable data. Therefore you get an download error for a lot of the statins. This is not the fault of this app.

To download the climate data the app facilitates our package RgetDWDdata which automates the download and does a lot of conversions for you. If you want to use this package you find it at